Fuck you, mid twenties.

I’m no writer and I’m not sure I’m great at first impressions. But, I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for years and desperately need a distraction to focus my energy into right now so here it is – angry blonde, the blog.

If you follow my Instagram @angry___blonde (that’s 3 underscores – cause there’s apparently a few more furious fair-haired humans out there), you’ll –hopefully– recognise that it is (trying to be?) a carefully curated collection of visual and literary inspirations.

It’s basically a lazy, creative outlet for me and this blog will follow suit.

However, as I am a 24 year old (angry blonde) woman obsessed with aesthetics who spends all day trapped in a hideous office & never has any money, you should also expect me to bitch about life quite a bit, as I try to claw myself up to somewhere I’d rather be (have yet to figure out where that is exactly).

If I’m honest, what I really want out of this blog is to connect with like-minded 20-somethings who appreciate that yes, things could be a helluva lot worse but also recognise and admit what a shitty and lonely time your 20s can be – and we can be fucking angry if we want to!

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