Should I stay (in) or should I go (out)?

Everybody’s advice to get over heartbreak is to get back out there, socialise, go out with friends, enjoy life! And tonight I am actually in the mood to get dressed up to the nines and enjoy a cocktail, but I honestly don’t think going out will do anything to assuage this loneliness…

First off, I can get all dolled up, but really the only opinion I care about is his… As pathetic as it sounds, without his approval, looking good just feels kinda pointless.

Second, other people often tend to make me feel even more lonely. Even my closest friends sometimes. He was my best friend, my soul mate. I’ve never been more myself than when I was with him. There’s always parts of me hidden away from every other single person I know. That never mattered much before, but now, without him, it just amplifies how lost I feel. It’s like being surrounded by white noise.

Third, although I’ll be distracted for a few hours and probably enjoy myself for the most part, I’ll still have to come home alone and crawl into an empty bed. And I’m sad enough without adding alcohol to the mix…

So although he is able to go out with his friends weekly, is drinking nightly and is probably meeting other girls, I am spending my weekends home alone, comfort eating. Pretty pathetic huh?

What’s your opinion? Am I better off drunk and sadder or sober and fatter? She types while eyeing up the cheese…

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2 thoughts on “Should I stay (in) or should I go (out)?

  1. That’s such a rough place to be in, but what you said is so true. Going out could be a great distraction, but coming home alone is always rough especially with alcohol added to the mix. What about going to a friends? If you head out, could you ask to stay with someone for the night? Or maybe stay home and do other things for distraction. Like watching your favorite movie, painting your nails, taking a long bath?

    It’s such a hard place to be in though. I rarely want to come home because I’m alone, but at the same time when I’m out, all I can think about is being home. Such a weird cycle of emotions. ❤


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