UGH I’m trying SO hard to remain positive this week, but missing him is really getting on top of me. I can’t put him at the back of mind even for a second, he’s at the forefront 90% of the day – and the other 10% he’s like, in the second row. It’s driving me insane (dreamt I was a sniper last night, picking off the ‘baddies’ one by one from a seven-storey window; Most relaxing dream I’ve had in weeks).

But I’m not giving up!! It’s only Tuesday for fucks sake, I can at least go half a week without a break down, right? So here is a rambling, rather superficial list of things I have to smile about:

  • Planning a trip to Budapest with my friend
  • The McGregor-Aldo fight, wherever I end up watching it
  • The fact that I have falafel for lunch – fuck yeah
  • Checking out a new gym this week with some friends
  • Potential trip to southern Spain to learn free diving, if I stop being such a scardey cat – not kidding, I react to water the same way a very fluffy, very angry cat does.
  • Legends – the new movie about the Kray twins. Tom Hardy x2?! Yes please!
  • Saturday night plans with friends, wine and a big, dirty take away
  • My granda’s getting an Alsatian that puppy I can play with
  • One of his ponies is also expecting a FOAL!!! Who can’t be happy around a new born foal stumbling around like bambi?!
  • Online shopping. As my unemployed brother is always home to let the delivery man in, guess who doesn’t have to fuck around with Tesco anymore? *smug grin*
  • An invitation to stay with my friend in London – although she has informed me that our usual drug and alcohol fueled binges will be on hold until she completes a 10k run in November. Ugh.
  • Friends who spontaneously send me messages like this to get me through the day: 
  • VERY exciting work opportunities
  • New shoes – I may not be able to walk in them but I CAN look like a damn queen in them.
  • My little black cat (my familiar!) who sleeps at the end of my bed every single night
  • A tidy room. Used my half day yesterday to clean up and finally I can see the floor again.
  • Spying an awesome bracelet on an American site and finding out that they offer free shipping to Northern Ireland! Like, what?! Some English sites don’t even offer shipping to auld norn iron!
  • Unexpected text from a friend inviting me out for coffee tonight

Now that’s a good list! If I don’t cheer up I’m gonna need somebody to hook me up with some Prozac… Not kidding.

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**Sidenote** I wonder how many more hits this blog post would get if I titled it ‘Baby animals & Tom Hardy’??

4 thoughts on “Falafel

  1. You have so much amazingness happening! I know how it feels to miss someone that isn’t in your life anymore but I promise that the missing will become less frequent, if not the happy pills are on the way!


      1. No way don’t feel stupid & guilty. It’s a completely normal reaction, you’re human & don’t have a kill emotions button!


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