Hot Chocolate

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Well after a shitty summer I am very happy to welcome September!

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year, here’s a few reasons why:

  • Crispy leaves to crunch and kick around
  • Nice shiny conkers decorating the streets
  • A chill in the air that feels like change
  • Officially acceptable to drink hot chocolate everyday
  • Wood fires
  • Scarves and big jumpers
  • Boots and dark lipstick
  • American horror story!!!
  • Sparklers, fireworks and bonfire night
  • Homemade soups and stews
  • Cosy nights in with red wine and blankets
  • So much colour everywhere you look
  • Hot chocolate
  • Dark, starry nights
  • Hallowe’en!!!
  • Fresh air and flushed cheeks
  • Toffee apples and pumpkin flavoured everything!
  • This is England 90
  • Hot drinks on a chilly morning
  • Apples and cinnamon
  • Candles everywhere
  • Hot chocolate
  • We’re allowed to start thinking about Xmas!
  • Hot cider and mulled wine
  • Hand-holding and keep-me-warm cuddles
  • Golden mornings
  • An extra hour in bed when the clocks go back!
  • Onesies and hot water bottles
  • Hot chocolate
  • My birthday yay!
  • Hot chocolate.

Time to stop fake tanning and worrying about a ‘bikini body’ – let operation ‘insulate’ commence!

Images via Tumblr & Nectar and Stone

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6 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate

  1. “A chill in the air that feels like change” – never thought of that and it’s so true! I read you’re a scorpio, like me, maybe that’s why I often relate to you so much!

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