Me, myself and I

I decided to post some facts about me to try and let you see that there’s sometimes more to me than the whiney bitch who writes most of this blog… But I apologise if it comes across as incredibly narcissistic, as the title suggests! I actually really like reading these kinds of posts from the blogs I follow and would love if anybody reading would comment a few things/a thing about themselves. I’m always interested in the stuff that people don’t show us straight away! 

I should warn you though that I’m not that interesting… Also I’ve had 3 glasses of wine and a glass of port so don’t be expecting this to be well written (although drinking port makes me feel super sophisticated I don’t think it really makes me any more eloquent). 

Ok here’s some shit about the angry blonde that you don’t need to know:

  1. I have a degree in french
  2. I drive like a maniac
  3. I love horror movies, scary stories, anything spooky, kinda wish I was a witch…
  4. A few years ago I was thinking of joining the army and was training to be an officer.
  5. I love rave/trance/drum n bass
  6. But I also love classic rock like Aerosmith and fleetwood mac
  7. I turn into a big girly mess of oestrogen over cute animals
  8. However I really dislike babies and children and never want any of my own (not a maternal bone in this body. It scares my mum)
  9. I always had horses growing up and did a lot of riding. I miss it
  10. As cliché as it is, I’m in love with Paris. I’ve spent a lot of time there so it’s kind of like a second home now
  11. I’m a quintessential scorpio and believe that most people possess the traits attributed to their zodiac sign
  12. As a young teen I spent a lot of time in the UAE. Very interesting, to experience first hand an entirely different culture
  13. I’m addicted to puzzles – especially logic puzzles – especially japanese logic puzzles
  14. I spend far too much time sleeping. I nap all the time!
  15. Despite the fact that I always have very vivid dreams/nightmares which often affect my mood for the entire day
  16. I can’t cook to save my life
  17. But I LOVE food. I’m addicted to sushi, love fine dining and have a serious sweet tooth
  18. It’s just as well I work out a lot
  19. I started binge drinking when I was 14, my parents had no idea.
  20. I’ve experimented with drugs and wish that that wasn’t so socially unacceptable when it’s perfectly fine to get pissed out your head, act a dick and put yourself in risky situations.
  21. I’m always cold
  22. I have some small tattoos
  23. I’m an introvert, but I’m not shy
  24. Not a lot of things make me as happy as a sunny autumn day with a hot chocolate does
  25. I drink Guinness
  26. I eat a LOT
  27. I have 2 brothers and there aren’t any other girls in my family (well there’s a couple cousins in England but we don’t really know each other)
  28. I love watching MMA, follow UFC and practice boxing myself (have also just begun Muay Thai)
  29. I fucking hate it when people give their cars a name or when men constantly refer to any sort of vehicle as ‘she’ or ‘her’. Just, wtf?!
  30. Beach holidays don’t appeal to me in the slightest, I like city breaks and camping.
  31. I’ve been in a few fights and am a lot more careful what I say and who I say it to since I know how it feels to be punched in the face (by a guy, no less). Tip: if you don’t want to get hit back, you better make sure you hit hard enough the first time!
  32. I love movies and when I see a good one it will stick in my mind for weeks. I even love the arty, aestheticy ones where nothing really happens
  33. I used to be quite artistic but as an adult I never draw or create anything anymore. My Instagram usually satisfies any creative urges I have these days, which is quite sad really
  34. I’m absolutely useless with technology 
  35. I’m really into fashion but my bank account and social life dictates that I spend 80% of my time in jeans and a hoody
  36. I love hats. I don’t wear them often enough (it’s so windy here by the sea!)
  37. Yeah, I live by the sea but never really learned to swim and am pretty scared of the water
  38. I had my appendix out as a kid, I like the scar
  39. I’m a serial monogammer – I turn 25 in November and I’ve been in 3 long term relationships already. I think that’s weird.
  40. I love funfairs and candyfloss even though both make me feel sick

Ok that’s about enough narcissism for one night don’t you think? I’m away to bed ’cause I’m hungry and if I stay up any later I’m gonna have to raid the fridge. Forget fine dining – I’ll be eating my way through a pack of ham like a philistine.

Leave me a comment guys, tell me something weird. Spill some secrets 🙂 

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    2 thoughts on “Me, myself and I

    1. I loved this!

      1. I also love scary movies, horror flicks, thrillers, suspense, anything paranormal.
      2. I could watch documentaries all day, every day.
      3. I live by the beach and also don’t know how to swim well. In fact, the water scares me a lot.
      4. I take way too many pictures of all the places I go.
      5. I’m a manager at a clothing store and love shopping way too much. 🙂

      Not nearly as interesting as yours! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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