Sympathy Pains


They say laughter is infectious, but so are tears. How can you watch somebody’s heart breaking without feeling a pang in your own? 

My granny passed away pretty unexpectedly earlier this year, and my poor mummy is still grieving for her own mum. She stayed strong for the family, her dad especially, but now that things have calmed down a little, it’s like it’s really hit her.

Maybe it’s just as we’re coming into christmas or maybe it’s just gotten too much for her, but she is so sad. I look at her and I feel ridiculous for how I cried over the breakup this summer, because she’s lost someone who loved her unconditionally all her life – her heart really is broken. 

I wish we could do something to help. I just want the whole world to put it’s arms around her, listen to her, tell her it’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to go to bed and hide in a dream for a few days. It’s ok to just stop for a while – do not feel guilty. Just feel. 

We’re both melancholy souls, my mum & I, so I know how she’s feeling. I know that all she wants is to spend a week locked away from everybody else, with nobody else to think about, nothing to consider, no responsibilities and just sleep and be silent. But we can’t give her that – no matter what we say or do for her she will never be able to be that selfish. She is always considering other people and looking after them. She’s so tired from it all but she never stops. 

When you love somebody you wish that you could take all their pain away, at any cost. It’s hard to watch others hurting, especially when there’s very little you can do to help. 

I just gotta be there to give her hugs and hot chocolate. I guess none of us are ever safe from heartbreak. 

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4 thoughts on “Sympathy Pains

  1. I’m so sorry, loss is such a tough emotion to deal with. Sending hugs across the seas, and though I know it will take time, I hope she feels a bit better soon.

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I also relate to how you had a break up and cried and feel ridiculous when someone you love exprience even worse pain. I am still dealing with a break up from 2 months ago. I hope you comfort your mum the best way you can, and with time comes great healing. Lots of love from Africa.

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  3. I’m also sorry for your loss. Please know that while it will take time for your Mom to grieve, having you will make it just a little easier for her. Losing my Mom was like losing my heart and soul for a while. But while u never get over such a loss, you eventually feel so grateful for all the years you had her as your Mom. And you find a way to be happy n laugh even though she’s gone. Hugs n healing to you n ur Mom!

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