Friday musings

Today’s been one of those days whee my brain has been too tired to think anything other than shit like the following:

  1. Friday, thank fuck
  2. I’m hungry
  3. Sunglasses make everybody look so cool
  4. I should wear hats more often
  5. I wonder if people would crowd fund my post-break up trip to Vegas or just think I’m a wanker for trying
  6. Maybe I should sign up to
  7. I’m hungry
  8. Am I the only one who looks like a clown when they try to contour?
  9. And wtf is strobing?
  10. Man I can’t wait for Autumn
  11. I wonder if my IG friends would like me in real life
  12. Is there such a thing as a bum massage?
  13. I should go to raves more often
  14. Would my dad really be that angry if I bought a Pygmy goat?
  15. I wish I was Ronda Rousey’s best friend
  16. I wish I was Ronda Rousey
  17. Is it normal to nap for 3 hours?
  18. Why is there so much porn on Instagram?!
  19. I’m hungry
  20. When was the last time I ate super noodles?
  21. I hope I’m the person Above & Beyond pick to push the button on stage at Belsonic
  22. Do. Not. Eat. The. Chocolate.
  23. Ok, do not eat any more chocolate
  24. Will people think I’m a creep if I go to the cinema by myself?
  25. I can’t fucking walk in these shoes

Anybody else have those days where your brains just can’t work/won’t work?

TGIF amiright?

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